Germany – New York – San Diego

I grew up in Germany. After college I moved to New York, where I met my future husband and launched my academic career. Living in the Big Apple and getting a Ph.D. from NYU are dreams come true. New York still has a big chunk of my heart but I wouldn’t give up our life in Southern California. Home, however, will always be in Germany.

Writer + Social Activist

While trained in academic writing, I love to branch out into other genres. I have produced podcasts and love interviewing thought leaders. I have published on different platforms but I am a regular contributor of German content for the Berlin based blog “Little Years.” In addition, I have worked as a consultant on historical projects. My passion for racial justice and women’s rights shines through most of my work.


My lifestyle is minimalist but rich in experiences. I strive for simplicity, deep connections, and superior health. I bio-hack my body with a mostly plant-based, keto diet while yoga, embodiment practices, and spiritual healing nourish my soul. I am a knowledge seeker and adventurer at heart. Inertia is my nemesis. I like to break taboos and get real.

As a mom I continuously balance family life, work projects, and my long list of self-care rituals. My life is full – and I love it like this. My happy place truly is in my kitchen surrounded with family and friends. If you come by my house on a weekend night, be prepared to join an epic dance party.

I used to be a city girl but as a mom I increasingly appreciate grounding myself in nature. Southern California is a perfect place for that.